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You may cancel your booking here. When you are cancelling your reservation it is important to have you booking reference. You will have received this on your booking confirmation email.

Cancellation policies vary from hotel to hotel. When you are making a booking on your details page you will see the cancellation policy of the hotel as you are about to book. It is very important you read this before you finish your booking.

General Cancellation Policies.

  • Please be aware that the original booking deposit is "Non Refundable" in the event of a cancellation. However if you wish to change the dates of a booking you can rebook and pay a new booking deposit and we will refund the original booking deposit.
  • If you have to cancel your booking after the Hotel's cancellation period you will be charged the Hotel's cancellation policy fee. Generally if you cancel within 48 hours of expected arrival the hotel may charge the first night's stay. If you have a dispute over this you will need to contact the Hotel directly.
  • If you are a No-Show at the hotel the hotel will charge at least one night cancellation fee.

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